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Dylan & Taylor

Taylor and I have been together for five years! In just three years we started her business love inside & out and took it from zero followers to 70k+ on instagram. Throughout all of her platforms we are creating

4+ million impressions every month. 

We pride ourselves on creating organic content that is aligned with Taylor's vision. Taylor quit her job and chased her dream of becoming a blogger with no experience running a business. Yet she and I were able to succeed with persistence.  She now runs a company with multiple employees.  I was lucky enough to involuntarily be her hype man, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, editor, location scout, website designer, teacher and much more! All of this has made me realize how much I love the process of creating and coaching others how to create.


I specialize in the following... but have so much to offer.

I will help you become fluent with easy to use apps and websites to help promote your business.

-Instagram and all of the apps that make posting fun and easy.


-Website Design (I also build websites)





-Photoshop/Lightroom/Premier Pro

-Final Cut Pro


Social Media Coach

It is now my goal to answer all of your questions and help you find a path/next steps to your dreams. Whatever they are.


First off, I highly recommend always working from a laptop at a desk. If you already do that...great. We will be doing some interactive screen sharing to help expand on your socials together. 


If you just have your phone that’s okay. I can run a program to screen share to your phone. 

I can give you insight on what it looks like to work with brands. 

I can set you up to be fully independent.

I can listen and give you ideas.

I can sit back and say “yes or no”.

I can give you feedback.

I will try to do anything I can to make this fun for you. 


Just know that I will NEVER judge you, think your dreams are silly or force my own ideas on you. I seriously believe in you and your talent and want to enhance your performance online.

First what is “IT” that you want to do?


1) What are some of your main goals?

2) What platforms are you currently on?

3) What platforms do you want to be on?

4) What is your demographic that you think you’re trying to reach? 


What type of learner are you?


A) Visual learner? Me showing you. 

B) Hands on? You doing something and I walk you through it giving you room to figure it out. 

C) Auditory? Me verbally telling you what to accomplish and how to accomplish an action. 


Click the box below:

Tell me about yourself by answering some of these questions and lets make your business flourish!


My photographs have been published by:

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Dry Creek Vineyard

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Optimize your SEO and find your niche audience.

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Santa Rosa Haircuts

If you need my help creating, managing or enhancing your social media platforms...please inquire through my contact form and we can schedule a time to discuss a content creation package that works best for you.

-Dylan James

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